#FatLivesMatter Cries “Body Shaming!” at Oscars

After weeks of Oscar drama about the lack of nominations of black actors and actresses in the acting category, yet another unincluded group of people is speaking out at their unfair treatment at the Oscars.

“It’s not fair. Chris Rock got to speak for blacks for a whole three hours, but we didn’t even get the opportunity to have a speaker on our behalf. What about us? There were no fatties in the nominations either, why are we being treated unfairly?” Said the leader of #FatLivesMatter, a movement that has been around for years, although it has not quite gained the traction #BlackLivesMatter has for some reason.

“Do you understand the double standard behind this? Almost 70% of the country is overweight, and over ⅓ is obese. OBESE. That’s a huge group of people in this country that are being unrepresented here! I think the people at the Oscars nominate all these skinny people to body shame us!”

“Fat only exists if you allow yourself to see it, they need to shut the frick up.” Said a high ranking Oscars official. “By the way, Chris rock isn’t Black, he’s HUMAN. We all are. The whole Black Lives Matter movement is for those who are getting over the fact that they shouldn’t have a BET network (Black Entertainment Television). Once they get over that there won’t be a Black Lives Matter Movement and we’ll all be one. It’ll be peachy.”

We wanted to continue the interview with the leader of the #FatLivesMatter movement, but she had a dialysis appointment and was unavailable for comment after.

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