White Americans Beating Poverty by Taking Facebook Profile Pictures with African Children

For thousands of years Africans have barely survived; Mud huts. Unseasoned food. Kids walking around with no shoes even. Throughout the entire history of the United States of America, Americans have tried to help by giving opportunities to these less fortunate souls from Africa. Even going as far as allowing them to immigrate voluntarily to America for jobs on cotton farms back in the early stages of our country.  But with all the attempts to help, Americans have fallen short to better the lives of people in Africa. So much altruism, yet so much helplessness. The interventions haven’t been able to change a thing…. Until now.

“Today we are in 2016 and there shall be no more watching on helplessly,” says a white, American millennial from the Midwest. “We’re here to change the world for the better. We will beat African poverty one profile picture at a time.”

It’s a movement that began with a white teen named Shaniqua from Wisconsin. In 2008, she was on a mission trip to Africa when she got an idea. “Well, we were in Africa for a week saving the Africans from their own ways of life. We raked a field. Painted a fence. Prayed. Pretty much the usual world changing stuff we do on mission trips. But I felt like I could be doing so much more.” That’s when Shaniqua got an idea. “Just to see what would happen I took a picture with an African boy named Tim who happened to have HIV. I posted that picture on Facebook as my profile picture mainly to show friends back home how cultured I am, but also to try and help Tim. Literally the VERY next day the doctor told us Tim no longer had HIV. It was a miracle from god!”

We attempted to reach out to Tim for his take on the miracle, but we found out from his mother that right after Shaniqua’s profile picture rid Tim of his HIV, he contracted AIDS and died several weeks later. He would have been 16 today.

Facebook profile pictures have finally given Americans the upper hand in the good fight against poverty, especially in Africa. “We have to believe we can do it.” Said Shaniqua.

To join the movement and see how you can help contribute with a profile picture of your own, please donate your email address below.


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