Newly Discovered Egyptian Scrolls Reveal Pyramids were Built with Retarded Slaves

For thousands of years the pyramids of Egypt have left the world in awe. How could such enormous structures built with stones that each weigh thousands of pounds be built by humans whose technology was only as advanced as a chisel and hammer? This question has led to dozens of theories that even throw out the idea that aliens created the pyramids for their own use. Without even looking for the answer to such a question, Archaeologists have stumbled upon it.

So, how exactly did the ancient Egyptians build the massive structures?

“Believe it or not, the scrolls reveal that Egyptians used retarded slaves to build the pyramids,” says the translator of the scrolls which were found in a tomb twenty miles from the great pyramids. “Sometimes the answers to mysterious questions are right in front of us. To be honest I’m surprised this theory hasn’t been thrown out there before, but the new facts brought out are undeniable. This is how they were built and it makes sense.”

We were able to obtain an excerpt from the scrolls:

—We have found the solution to the lack of strength in the union slaves. A mere union slave is unable to carry a stone alone. To build the tombs we would need thousands and thousands of lazy union slaves to transport the large stones… We have discovered very recently that the mongoloids, ones with puffed eyes, thick necks and large staffs between their legs, have an immense power of strength. Enough strength to carry two stones at once if need be; much more than a normal union labor slave equipped with a camel that can carry only one stone at once. It is thought that the tombs could be built with as few as seven puffy eyed mongoloids instead of thousands of permanently sunburned union slaves. As of today’s new sun Pharaoh has appointed twelve messengers across the land to find more gifted mongoloids. Those who cannot answer its riddle for Pharaoh will suffer the fate of being eaten by the sphinx.


In honor of these gentle giants who gave their lives building one of the greatest wonders the world has ever known, please donate a like and share with your friends and family so we can give them the recognition they’ve never received.

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