NBA Player’s Union Pushes for Equality; May Force WNBA to Make Big Changes

The NBA Player’s Union announced this week that they are pushing for a completely level playing field between the NBA and the WNBA in hopes of possible league integration one day, as a part of the progressive movement toward equality for all humans. The problem they are addressing is the unequal ball to rim ratio in the NBA and WNBA. Currently, the women’s ball is much smaller than the men’s ball, but both leagues shoot on the same sized rim, making it much easier for the WNBA to score.

“We need to have the same rules and regulations. Right now, there’s just a huge advantage for women when it comes to the fact that their ball is way smaller, yet they shoot on the same sized rim as the men. Is that right? Absolutely not. Not to mention, we haven’t even started negotiations on the three point line distance.” Said an NBA player who wished to remain anonymous. “When we start playing by the same rules, then we’ll cross the bridge on how to make women jump as high and run as fast as men. I’ll be honest, that’ll be a huge hurdle, but we need to do it for the sake of equality.”

For two whole days the WNBA Player’s Union and NBA Player’s Union met for negotiations. We were not allowed inside the round table meeting but we were told by one of the Women’s representatives that it was heated at times. “I’m not going to tell you who did it, but at one point a woman stood up on the table and made a speech about equality for all. It was very inspiring. She went on to say that one day there would be a woman near the top of every men’s record board in the NBA, and all other sports. As far as the men’s claim that it’s not an equal playing field? They are chauvinists that’s all. Woman haters. And as for the biological differences of women and men? Ha, we’ll show them. Feminists unite!”

The fact is that the women do play with a smaller ball than men and do shoot into the same sized rim as men, making the ball to rim ratio much more challenging for men. Some think for equality to be fully realized they need to be the same size in both leagues, and even beyond that, one league for both men and women to play side by side in.

“Basically, we just want everything to be fair. That’s all. Equality,” Said the NBA player.

We were told by the moderator of the round table discussions that negotiations are still far from over, and no middle ground is even in sight.
To keep track of this highly debated issue, please like our page. To support an equal playing field for all and for men and women to have the same ball to rim ration as men, please share this article and spread awareness.

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