Paper Cut Survivors of America to Hold 1st Annual Fundraiser

From rape, to suicide, to PTSD, to every form of cancer, there are support groups and a voice for almost all of these serious conditions and traumatic events. There is one group of sufferers out there, who until recently, had not been spoken for. Paper Cut Survivors. Yes. One the most common and traumatizing occurrences that can take place in a person’s life had not been addressed until March of this year. It took a survivor with the gall to stand up and be the voice of these people, who he has found, often do not like to speak up and let people know they are survivors because of the possible ridicule they may face.

“I’m a dozen time survivor,” Said Jerry McGene, founder and CEO of Paper Cut Survivors of America. “I wanted to create a hub for survivors like myself to come and seek help. I remember the very first time I suffered a severe paper cut. I was 23 and right out of college. An envelope hit me right under the thumbnail on my dominant hand and was so bad that I had to miss a whole week of racquetball league. Of course I was afraid to tell my league members that I was out because of a paper cut, I would have been ridiculed and made fun of, which isn’t right. So what did I do? I sat and moped for a week and drank beer. I could have very easily gone into full blown depression after such a humiliating time in my life. The sad part was, I had to endure 11 more times that humiliation. Each time harder and harder for me to get along. That’s when I decided to create this wonderful foundation.”

The foundation Jerry is talking about allows paper cut survivors who are afraid to be labeled “whimps” and “pansies” a place for them to come and accept such a label and speak out about their traumatic experiences as survivors. Jerry also wants to ensure the public right off the bat that the foundation does not use all the money they get from donations to fund paper cut survivors and research.

“I want to be honest with people donating. We are like the majority of major charity foundations. We won’t actually use all the money for survivors. Only about 10 percent will go to survivors and research, the rest is going to go to the creation of a massive corporate structure that holds thousands of overpaid employees, and the rest that isn’t used for salaries of those employees will go to the building of multi million dollar buildings for our headquarters. Stuff, that isn’t necessary that’s for sure, but we’re just following the lead of all these foundations in the news that do the same thing.”

If you are a paper cut survivor, or would like to spread awareness about this trauma that isn’t well represented, please donate a like or a share. Thank you.

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