Historians Reveal China’s Great Wall Successfully Kept Mexicans Out

A recent study conducted by Chinese historians suggests that the Great Wall of China was well worth the time and effort it took to build. They cited the findings of the study that show not one single Mexican got past the wall after its construction.

“Not one Mexican.” Says a Chinese historian. “Riterarry (literally) not one Mexican got past the gleat warr (great wall).”

Our research team here at the Garlic Tribune conducted its own research on the success of the Great Wall of China and the numbers are for real. No Mexican has ever infiltrated the wall, begging the question, is Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the border of Mexico and the United States a good idea? If we are going by the numbers, then the answer is yes. Technology now compared to when the Great Wall of China was built is drastically better and the quality of the wall should be greatly higher. With that being said, the likelihood of any Mexicans getting past Trump’s wall is almost zero. Without Mexicans getting past the wall, almost every other problem with our country should straighten itself out.
Please spread this pertinent knowledge to all voters to ensure the best outcome for this year’s presidential election by liking and sharing. Thank you.

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