Woman Teacher Charged for Student Relations; Server Melts Down from Men Googling Her Photo

It has become a major crisis in the Google server warehouse at the Google headquarters. Every time a woman has inappropriate relations with one of her high school students, the internet gets log jammed and servers melt down from people, mostly men, trying to google search her photo.

We spoke to a Google representative who said, “We can’t handle this kind of server traffic. Every, excuse my language, flippin’ time the major media sites release an article about a woman teacher sleeping with her high school student, we have a major server melt down.”

It’s true. The last seven times an article has been released in the past year, Google has lost a server due to the high volume of people searching the accused teacher’s photo. In the last article release, they lost two servers.

“I’m not going to sit here and say that men are pigs for doing so, hell, I have to see what she looks like every once in awhile too and I’m a woman, but for god’s sake… The least the media sites can do is give us a warning so we can boot up an extra server for the occasion.”

For now the representative we spoke with said that Google will keep an extra server on standby just in case an article drops from one of the major media sites. Until then, they will wait anxiously, hoping that they kick the extra server on in time so they don’t lose yet another.



To prevent teachers from “raping” their students, please like this article and share to spread awareness.

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