Whites in Love with Girl Scout Cookies Because of Hidden Ingredient

For decades girl scouts have claimed that the cocoa used in their cookies is “conflict free.” This “fact” alone has swayed some buyers into actually buying their product. Unfortunately, to all of you who love the time of year when you can buy your favorite box of cookies thinking you are helping a noble cause, we have some unsettling news for you. Leading professionals “in the know” claim that the girl scout advertisement claim of “conflict free cocoa” is wildly false.

Steve Witebred of global food rights group says that the ingredient “cocoa” used by Girl Scouts is dripping with the sweat and tears of child labor and human traffic slaves. These claims of slave sweat and baby tears being mixed into the cocoa have been linked to the euphoric feeling white people experience while eating these delicious treats, and this brings up many questions.

In our interview, Mr. Witebred also mentioned that, “Blacks in professional sports isn’t enough! Without this ingredient the white population’s cravings for slavery would run wild, spinning us back into the 1800’s. See, maybe… just maybe this conflict cocoa is a good thing. If it weren’t for these delicious cookies, us whites would probably still have a slave or two on the old homestead. These cookies and their conflict cocoa quench our thirst for slavery, plain and simple.”

However you feel about this disturbing discovery, we should all agree upon one thing, the Girl Scouts have been doing a courageous thing for the civil rights movement since the 60s, and without them, who knows how far back we’d be in progression forward.


To inform the general public and your near and dear friends and family members about the conflict cocoa in girl scout cookies, please like and share. It’s only right that they know too.

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