Movement to Ban the “Fighting Irish” Mascot at Notre Dame Gaining Support

A picture of a white Irishman with his fists up ready to take on the next bastard that comes at him hangs above the football field at Notre Dame. This logo is incredibly offensive to an entire nation of people. The nation of Ireland is so offended, in fact, they have actually started a movement with a petition that is trying to rid Notre Dame of their Fighting Irish mascot, and it’s gaining support in the states. Hipster Millennials across the US are joining forces to push this petition in the name of ELE (everybody love everybody) and are making sure everyone’s feelings are well accounted for in the latest outcry of injustice. An entire group of people has been besmirched and exploited for a hundred years and nobody has given two shits… until now.

We spoke to the leader of the movement in Ireland, “Every cold blooded American I see comes into my pub here in Ireland on their little family vacations, they see me and they say, ‘Teehehe, put up your dukes and fight like the Notre Dame guy, honey, give him the hat so it looks like him!’ I’m sick and tired of it. That damn mascot is racist and offensive I tell ya. And nobody has cared until now. Thank god for the hipster millennials in America and their artificially inflated egos that make them think they can take on such an important issue. They are a godsend to the nation or Ireland and the Irish people around the world for pushing this petition over in America.”

We spoke to the Hipster Millennial in charge of the movement here in the US, he attends Notre Dame. “We’ve truly done some damage here on campus gaining support. This Mascot offends Irish people all over the world and we just want to show the world that when everyone comes together, we can do amazing things, like change the picture on a football team’s jersey. It’s amazing. One more thing, vote for Bernie, bro.”

One thing is for sure, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot is in the cross hairs of doom and there’s no telling how quick it could be gone. Think of the Irish people… To support the ban on the Fighting Irish Mascot please Like and Share.

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