#BlackGunsMatter Movement Fires Back at Gun Owners by Not Firing At All

On Tuesday, April 12th, Pete ” Rambo” Johnson called authorities when all of his firearms wouldn’t fire at all.  “First, I thought it was my ammunition but after trying new ammo I talked to other guys at the range having the same issues with malfunctions.  Everyone was dumbfounded and came to the same conclusion.  We must have worked our guns too hard for too many years and now the guns just won’t fire.

Pete continued on with his day to day routine into next morning when he awoke to the sound of crashing glass in his bedroom.

“I jumped up out of my bed and reached for my gun.  Then I realized my gun wasn’t there. I looked out the window and it was then that I noticed all of my black guns and all of my neighbor’s black guns were marching down the street.  First thought that went through my mind what’s going on? I was pissed those black fuckers were marching while they should be at work doing there job and helping the community from crime. Instead they are the problem.  It seems like every time a bunch of black guns get together they act like a bunch of idiots making a bunch of pointless, egotistical noise. For the most part black guns don’t even have jobs.  I mean most of them that do work are in the military or in a security job. Seriously though for the most part they all sit at home in the safe and do nothing all day.  It’s a wonder they have the time to march. I hate to compare my gun to other weapons but you never see a Japanese ninja sword, Chinese star, or a bow and arrow acting like this.  They all work hard and make better lives for themselves while the American black gun acts like a juvenile’s toy.”

NRA sympathizer John Crakerbon had more to say about the movement. “Ever notice how the wooden stock hunting guns are treated better than the black guns? You never see a hunting gun living in a poor neighborhood or in the news killing/harassing people, it’s only the black guns doing that. All those hunting guns are live up north or in the suburbs where black guns are frowned upon. I swear the democrats are keeping the guns depressed and in poor neighborhoods because they just don’t understand them.”

The leader of the Black Guns Movement, a black AK-47, was short, sweet and to the point when asked what the whole motive behind the movement was. “Look, these ma-fuckas just sit an’ shoot us all day an’ we gets nuthin’ but bad press. Yea, whateva, we may murder n’ shit, but when we do it we do it to eachotha. Once someone else do it that ain’t one of us, we ignore dat fact and reality shit an’ make it a big deal cause there ain’t nothin’ else to make a big deal ‘bout. Black gun power.”
To support black guns from being misused and abused, please share and support for the same treatment as hunting and collectible guns.

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