TLC’s Newest Quality TV Show “My 10lb Turd”

TLC is excited to announce the date of its newest and likely highest quality program to date. The show is called “My 10lb Turd” and features the likes of Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh and Mama June.

“We strive to give our viewers a show that will not only move them, but will also change their lives in a positive fashion.” Said a TLC representative. “Almost ⅔ of our fatass country can relate to such a traumatic event as an unmovable bowel.”

Michael Moore felt that it was very important to get this message out to the world, “I’ve been there a dozen times. Sometimes I eat and eat and eat until finally I realize that I haven’t shit in days. Next thing you know, I’m going under the knife because it’s so incredibly big. Americans need to know about this and need know what to do when they confront this issue, and I am thrilled to be a part of TLC’s highly informative and important endeavor.”

Surprisingly this is one of the few issues Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh can agree on, “I love Mr. Moore. Love him. I personally don’t have any experience with a 10 lb turd, but I fully support Mr. Moore and what he’s doing. I personally believe it has to do with the sympathizing of the Muslim brotherhood, but that’s just me. Either way, the 10 lb turd is a common issue and needs to be addressed by both sides, ASAP,” said Rush. “And look at TLC and what they’re doing. They have continued to provide the world with cutting edge and extremely important television for years now. If you have been watching TLC for the same amount of time, I’d expect you to be able to debate with the best of them, you’re probably a genius.”

‘My 10lb Turd’ will premiere in two weeks in between the she shows ‘My 600-lb Life’ and ‘Sister Wives.’ Please like and share!


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