Electronic Voting Malfunctions; Forces Omar to Vote in Favor of Life Insurance for Terrorists

In 2015 one of the San Bernardino shooters took out a life insurance claim before he and his wife murdered 14 innocent people. The man’s mother was set to receive $300,000 after his act of terrorism resulted in his death. Surprisingly, many Americans find an issue with this and the state of Minnesota has even decided to act on it.

On April 20th the Minnesota house voted on a bill that would ban life insurance claims for terrorists. The bill barely passed with a 127-2 vote.

As it turns out, there was a voting malfunction with the house’s electronic voting machine. The two no votes were actually supposed to be yes votes.

One of those two no votes was from the electronic voting ballot of Ilhan Omar.

“She is a Muslim and voting ‘no’ on this bill would look extremely bad because our religion is responsible for many acts of terrorism under the Quran’s teaching of Jihad,” said a close friend of Ilhan Omar. “Although this bill penalizes us from fulfilling that religious duty, I assure you that Omar meant to vote yes. That’s the important thing. She told me she is happy the bill does not discriminate- Buddhist, Hindu and Christian terrorists all won’t be able to claim life insurance either… That being said we are edging a slippery slope into the state taking away our right to exercise our religions as we want… I’m rambling. I have to go.”

Ilhan Omar was unavailable for comment but we did speak with a person who is partially responsible for the house’s electronic voting system. “The main point here is the major malfunction in Minnesota’s voting system. We had two votes flip from yes to no. I think we need to see if Russia is in on this to be honest.”

Another friend of Omar called just before we posted this article. He said, “I’ll tell you one more thing, thank Allah that the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press did not report on this. Honestly, if they did they would be doing their jobs as they are supposed to, but this would make Omar look very bad.”

We will keep Minnesota updated as more information rolls in. Until then, please write your local Minnesotan newspapers and television stations and thank them for keeping this on the down low. We wouldn’t want any “bad truth” getting out there into the minds of our taxpayers who paid for these voting machines.


Take a look at the house vote here: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/votes/votes.asp?ls_year=90&billnum=HF1397&session_number=0&year=2017&id=185

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